Lash Upgrade | Curler
Lash Upgrade | Curler
Lash Upgrade | Curler

Lash Upgrade | Curler

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Upgrade your lash game with our broad-curve eyelash curler. It captures + curls every lash in a gentle press, without pinching or tugging on your lashes.


Step 1: Starting at the base, capture all of your lashes in the curler and hold down for 3 seconds.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 at the middle, then tip of the lash to get that perfect curl.

  • Handcrafted, seamless curve design reaches every lash across all eye shapes.
  • Delivers pinch-and-crimp-free curl.
  • Includes one silica gel replacement pad.


Mini Lash Bar TIPS



Turn your blow dryer to its lowest heat setting. From one foot away, aim the heat at the gel pad for about 10 seconds and then let it sit for 5 seconds before placing on your eye.


Clean curler after each use. Replace silica gel pad every 3 months (or after 90 uses) and your eyelash curler every 6 months.



Tool Decontamination:

It is important that all reusable tools are properly decontaminated. This will avoid spreading eye infections.

Cleaning: Warm water and soap eliminates surface particles.

Sanitizing: Alcohol will reduce bacteria.

Disinfecting: Barbicides or Germicides reduce or eliminates bacteria to a safe level.

Sterilizing: High heat kills all living organisms on non-porous, hard surfaces.